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Tulikettu, named after the Finnish translation for Firefox, is dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly apps that seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. We draw inspiration from the myth of Tulikettu, a fox that runs across a hill and whose tail touches the sky, creating the northern lights. We believe that by tapping into the magic and wonder of the Arctic, we can create apps that are not only functional, but truly mesmerizing.

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The myth of Tulikettu

The Finnish myth of Tulikettu tells the story of a fox whose tail touches the sky, creating the northern lights. According to legend, Tulikettu is a magical fox that lives in the Arctic. He is known for his incredible speed and agility, and can outrun the fastest of animals.

One day, Tulikettu decided to run up a hill and see how high he could go. As he reached the summit, he looked up and saw the sky. He was so fascinated by the beauty of the sky that he started to run even faster. His tail began to brush against the sky, creating a trail of sparks as he ran.

These sparks eventually turned into the northern lights, a beautiful display of colorful lights that dance across the Arctic sky. From that day on, every time Tulikettu runs up the hill, his tail touches the sky and creates the northern lights.

The Northern lights are a constant reminder of Tulikettu’s beauty, speed and the power of his tail. The people of Finland believe that Tulikettu’s spirit lives on in the northern lights and they are a symbol of the Arctic’s beauty and majesty.

That’s how the Finnish myth Tulikettu explains the creation of Northern lights and how it is related to the arctic and it’s beauty.