About us

Tulikettu, Finnish for “firefox,” is a company founded by Roderik Peeters an enthuastic northern lights hunter. The name of the company is inspired by a Finnish myth about the Tulikettu, a fox whose tail touches the sky and creates the northern lights.

Five years ago, Roderik came together with Joost, Wietse and Ruben from Arcticans, to talk about their shared passion for the northern lights. Through their discussions, they realized the potential for an app that could help others experience the magic of the northern lights.

With hard work and dedication, they developed a successful northern lights app and Roderik decided to start a company to continue their app development. Their passion for the Arctic and the northern lights is at the heart of everything they do at Tulikettu. Today, Tulikettu continues to create innovative and user-friendly apps that help people experience the beauty of the Arctic and the northern lights.


Roderik Peeters

In my free time, I don’t sit still. I work on my own projects or can be found in nature with my backpack. The day starts early for me so I can still enjoy nature in the evening. I prefer to celebrate vacations in a tent at the foot of a mountain rather than in a luxury hotel.

Nature is not only my favorite place to stay. I also like to make things with natural resources, such as spoons and kuksas that I carve from wood.

Living in nature and working with natural materials come together in bushcraft. A lifestyle that appeals to me more and more. Pioneering in nature.

Joost Baudoin

The digital world I normally work in and the outdoors are very different. I enjoy being outside, hiking on the moors, in forests or simply sitting on the shore of a lake. Quite healthy, not being connected for a while, enjoying offline moments.

And yet, they go well together. I like to merge, combine, transform and use data to create products that can be used to enjoy nature.

Nature is raw, basic, honest, but never simple. She is wonderfully complex, vast and mysterious. There is so much fun to be had playing with data and the outdoor world.